Moving in London? How to choose the right moving company.

Moving in London? How to choose the right moving company.

Moving home or business premises is probably one of the most stressful things that you will ever do. Psychologists rank it in the Top 10 of most stressful experiences in life. Some even say it can age you by up to four years!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving to the next street, to another town, or even another country, your stress levels are sure to rise. There’s so much to do, so much to remember! Is it any wonder most people say they will never, ever do it again!

London streets

But moving in London is probably even more challenging than in other quieter areas of the country. There may be limited access to your property due to parking restrictions, a complicated network of streets to negotiate in busy London traffic, or you may live several levels up a narrow flight of stairs.

So it’s important that if you are looking for moving services in London that you choose an experienced and professional team with firsthand local knowledge.

So how do you find the right company for the job?

If you type ‘movers London’ into a search engine you will be overwhelmed with choice.

With so many moving companies offering similar services, how do you know who to choose? It can be difficult to determine whether you are dealing with a professional company, such as Active Moves, or a just complete amateur with a website.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Stay safe
Avoid the cowboys. There are so many movers in London so do be sure to check that any removal company that you hire is fully insured and professionally trained in the skill of moving furniture.

Complete service
Not all moving companies in London are the same. Make sure that you hire one that will take excellent care of everything; a company that offers a packing service for your precious belonging and who will load them into the moving van with great care. A service that can also offer secure storage facilities too, should you need a short term or long term place to store your furniture.

Good reputation
And if you are if you are moving in London it’s important that you hire a service that is fast and reliable and will turn up at an agreed time. Also one that is long established and can offer you positive recommendations from previous clients. Be sure to choose a service where all the staff are uniformed, so that you know exactly who you are dealing with, and who speak English so no problems will occur with communications on the day. Check out this review of some other companies, for moving in London, by clicking here.

So if this is the type of first class moving service that you need, then why not get in touch with Active Moves now. We will be more than happy to give you a free, no obligation quote and then take care of all the details of your move so that you can relax knowing that it’s all in expert hands.

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